Sandcastle Challenge 2019!

This year marked the 25th anniversary of the Children North East’s Sandcastle Challenge and saw 1,800 children from across the North East partner with local and national businesses to take over South Shields beach for what was a fantastic event!

Led by four of our team, GRADONARCHITECTURE teamed up with the year 5 pupils at Ryton Junior to take part in the challenge which had the theme ‘build a bigger world’. The children and businesses took this as an opportunity to produce an array of innovative and creative designs. Many of these showcased key environmental and social issues such as plastic consumption, renewable energy sources, and rights of equality across the world, highlighting the positive steps being made to teach wider world issues to children from an early age.

The day was action packed from start to finish as schools, teachers, news reporters and entertainers swarmed South Shields to celebrate the anniversary of the event. Both the children and ourselves thoroughly enjoyed the day as an opportunity to come together to help raise money for the vital services provided by Children North East as they support babies, young children and families facing challenges in their everyday lives.

Celebrating the charity was also particularly special for us this year as it marks the 10th anniversary of the practice and 10 years of supporting the event! Reflecting over previous years, this event has remained a consistent annual highlight for the team and we look forward to participating in many more to years to come!

Architectural Assistant Rob Davidson said, “The event is a great opportunity for the team to strengthen our ties with the local community and support the crucial work that the Children North East Charity provides. Although we did not see a win, the children produced a range of fantastic sandcastle designs all in the spirit of the event!”