NE40 Studios Reinvented…Take a look at what we done during lockdown 2020-21

Originally built in 1861 this former church closed its doors to worship in 2009 and occupying the vacated volume, it has been our own NE40 Studios since then.

We always did however have plans to create something within the space and the COVID lockdown 2020-21 provided us with an ideal opportunity for us to see our plans become reality. Our own Project REINVENTION seeks to sustainably retain a valuable community and heritage asset, further repurpose it and through design, address topical issues of Climate Change, Health & Wellbeing and Covid.

Director Graham McDarby said:

“When we started GRADONARCHITECTURE in 2009 our ethos was always about being practical and hands on. From our own inception we always had a saying that if a project does not exist – make it exist and our original intervention of this former church into NE40 Studios in 2009 typifies this approach.

While I do not believe we have ever lost our way in our journey so far, it is fair to say that there are challenges in our industry everyday and it is how you convert such challenges into opportunities and further direction. The challenge of COVID provided us with an ideal opportunity to make a new project exist through our own vision, design experience and excellence and hands on approach. Personally overseeing the project and assisting the contractors on site everyday over the last 12 months has been a particular joy for me and in more ways than one, Project REINVENTION has provided us all with renewed direction and confidence in People within our industry.”

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