NCC Fire & Rescue completed and open to serve

Northumberland County Council Fire & Rescue Facility in Alnwick is completed and open for service. A consolidation and rationalising of services to accommodate Northumberland Fire and Rescue Services, Council Fleet, Transport, Waste, Highway and Neighbourhood Services, the fully encompassed facility enables all users to access shared community areas and changing areas, while retaining access control to the Fire and Rescue wing.

Technical Director Graeme Kirkley added, ” We are delighted to see the realisation of this facility and for the building to be completed within a tight budget; while simple in its final built form, it is the culmination of over three years work of design development which sees the complex needs of a number of different departments brought together in a harmonious and efficient manner. This is testament to the way in which we have considered both the people who work in the facility, as well as those people within the community in which the facility serves.”