National Apprenticeship Week

This national apprenticeship week, we are celebrating two apprentices in our team, Olivia and Kayleigh, who are both currently studying on the DA Architecture course at Northumbria University. We have supported many students through this route in the past and believe that learning while you work in practice offers students a wealth of experience that cannot be achieved by taking the traditional route.

Olivia is in her 2nd year on the course and is currently working on her thesis, which explores the impact of architectural wayfinding for autistic students. Meanwhile, she is developing a masterplan located in a local forest, which aims to offer a diverse range of immersive experiences for families, nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, while promoting accessibility and inclusivity throughout and creating a range of landscape-focused apprenticeships.

Kayleigh is in her 1st year on the course, last semester she designed an ecology-focused paragraph 84 housing proposal in Northumberland and she is currently working on the design of a residential addiction rehabilitation centre, which aims to reinvent the current standard of care and promote long term recovery.

We also take this opportunity to celebrate another member of our team, Tanja Smith, who continues to chair the Construction and Built Environment Route Panel at iFATE, to develop and deliver apprenticeships and technical education products throughout the construction sector.

Happy National Apprenticeship Week!