More than work…supporting Team Kenya 2018

Our Architecture is about People.

At GRADONARCHITECTURE Our People are one of our greatest assets. Our People are extraordinary in the workplace and in everything else they strive to achieve, both for themselves and for others!   At the core of our ethos there is “more than work” where we give something back.

Our Emily McDarby who assists in the welfare of our Ne40 Studios, while studying a degree in Criminology, as well as working in medical practice, jets off to Kenya this week as a volunteer for Team Kenya.

Who are Team Kenya and what will Emily be doing?

In rural Kenya one of the saddest tragedies faced by women and girls is that they are often pushed into violent and abusive relationships and it is common for them to experience issues such as early marriage, unwanted pregnancies and deep levels of poverty.

Team Kenya’s vision is for every girl in Kenya to have an equal chance to achieve her potential and be free from poverty. Their mission is to involve entire communities in gender equality, so that girls in rural Kenya can create their own bright futures. They work with local Kenyan people to educate girls, empower women and transform communities in rural Kenya.

Emily will be at the forefront of the mission, working within a rural community, providing welfare and education to many of the girls who have faced such hardships and are now trying to rebuild their lives.

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How can you help?

Visit Emily’s Just Giving Page at:

….if only to wish her well and raise awareness of the Charity – if you can go further and donate a little cash this would be truly amazing and appreciated.

We wish Emily and Team Kenya every success in their mission.

Thank you