We are Shortlisted for a 6 Province Project in Mongolia!

We are pleased to announce that we have been successfully shortlisted for a scheme of projects in Mongolia on behalf of clients Asian Development Bank which will span over six provinces and provide facilities for adults and children with disabilities.

In 2015, the practice became the first British Architects to set up a studio in Mongolia and over the last four years Gradon have designed and delivered a number of schemes from their Ulaanbaatar studio, ranging from large mixed commercial and residential masterplans, to a recently completed office fit out in the Shangri La office tower.

Gradon, in conjunction with one of their atelier Mongolian partners, are one of 6 Architects to have been shortlisted for the scheme which will provide Development Centres across 6 pre-selected provinces throughout Mongolia, as well an Employment Resource Centre in Ulaanbaatar city. The winning architects will be selected by The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Mongolia on the basis of quality and cost.

The Development Centres will deliver a range of centre based services to people with special needs such as mobile social welfare service, independent living services, advice and support for accessing social welfare benefits, home based care and outreach services as well as developing opportunities for socialization and learning.

The Employment Resource Centre in Ulaanbaatar city will provide services to people with disabilities through a variety of centres, such as the Job Mediation Centre, self-independent living centre, assistive technology through business incubator centre, research and information centre, conference centre, job coaching and case management centre. There will also be business spaces and accommodation for adults and children with disabilities from remote districts who have difficulty accessing employment services and these will be able to become enrolled in training and services run by the centre.

The clients brief has also outlined requirements for the design to reflect universal design principles, local building codes and to meet a high level of energy efficiency.

There is a growing demand across Mongolia for the services these centres will provide, and Asia Development Bank are keen to utilise the expertise of foreign architects and develop projects in line with international standards. Gradon have recently completed a number of similar projects in the UK for clients such as The Percy Hedley Foundation, The North East Autism Society and a number of SEN schools for Northumberland County Council.

Gradon’s Technical Director Tanja Smith has managed the Mongolia studio since its inception and is leading the design team. She said of reaching the shortlist,

“It is fantastic to have been shortlisted for this opportunity to provide imperative support for people with disabilities across Mongolia. Going forward, the technical submission will enable us to demonstrate our experience in designing employment support services and if successful, provide a much needed public service for the people of Mongolia.”