External facade nearing completion at Newcastle Energy Centre…

Construction work on the Newcastle Energy Centre is continuing its progress for on track completion in Autumn 2019.

Following the success of the Gateshead Energy Centre, the project sees GRADONARCHITECTURE continue their nationally leading work with decentralised energy projects, whereby sustainable energy solutions are created for the local community, without the reliance on the national grid.

Work on the external facade is nearly finished with the completion of the Bauder total roof system and the installation of the external cladding well underway. The cladding is made from a metallic gold composite and this material will be cohesive with those used on developments across the helix site, forging a harmonious architectural visual.

The internal structure is also progressing as SES Mechanical Engineers continue with the fit out of boilers and chillers to construct the central function of the energy storage facility.

Technical Director Graeme Kirkley said;

“We are delighted to see that the installation of the cladding is underway at the Newcastle Energy Centre site and we look forward to its completion. Following this, we look forward to fixing the new artwork onto the façade. This will seamlessly align the project with the rest of Newcastle’s helix development”.