Connor Newton receives First Class Honours Degree!

Everybody at GRADONARCHITECTURE is absolutely thrilled to announce that one of our team members, Connor Newton, has graduated from Northumbria University with a First Class BSc Honours degree in Architectural Technology!

After being initially inspired during a week of work experience, following the completion of his A-levels at St Thomas More School, Connor joined the practice on an Apprenticeship scheme. We are all hugely proud of the hard work and dedication Connor has put into both the practice and his degree and his efforts have been fully rewarded with this excellent result!

Managing Director Graham McDarby said;

“We are absolutely delighted for Connor who has been working with us since leaving school after his A Levels and is the first of our graduating apprenticeships. We are particularly proud to have started our own apprenticeship scheme ahead of the current, now recognised national apprenticeship schemes, so this is a huge occasion for us all. By achieving a First Class Honours Degree is only fair testament to the significant amount of hard work and dedication Connor has put in over the past five years. Well done Connor and also a huge thank you to the rest of our team, especially Graeme Kirkley who has personally mentored and bestowed a wealth of experience upon Connor, if not at times a little wit and dry humour about our industry! Thank you to Northumbria University for the opportunity. We hugely support apprenticeships and truly believe they provide better and more rounded opportunities than just “academia” for our emerging talent and youth. We will continue to engage with students from local schools and offer apprenticeships and look forward to more of Our People graduating in the near future.”