Join us as we reflect on some of our key Projects throughout 2022…

Here is a selection of the fantastic projects we have had the opportunity to work on throughout 2022.

DAY ONE…Assisted Living Project | Leicestershire County Council

DAY TWO…Manufacturing facility | Newcastle Upon Tyne

DAY THREE…Low Carbon Social Housing | David Street, London Borough of Newham

DAY FOUR…Contemporary Bespoke Methodist church | Blackhill Consett

DAY FIVE…Project Reinvention of our NE40 Studios | Gateshead

DAY SIX…Low Carbon Social Housing | Anne Street, London Borough of Newham

DAY SEVEN…Graham McDarby Professional Practice External Examiner | Newcastle University

DAY EIGHT…Bespoke family home | Gateshead

DAY NINE…Landscape Masterplan | Darlington Central Park

DAY TEN…Low Carbon Social Housing | Landseer Avenue, London Borough of Newham

DAY ELEVEN…Contemporary Family Home | Wynyard, Durham

DAY TWELVE…Mixed-use residential and commercial redevelopment of the former Tolesby Shops in Acklam | Middlesbrough

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s achievements possible, and here’s to even more exciting opportunities in 2023!