Hermes Wood Refinery Plant

Goole, Yorkshire
ARC Applied Sciences
Contract Value

Located within the Goole 36 industrial estate on the outskirts of Goole in Yorkshire, the Hermes Wood Refinery is a Plant that will produce 50,000 tonnes of wood pellets per year for use in biomass boilers across the UK.

The Wood Refinery in Goole is designed to process raw British timber into highly efficient wood pellets for use in environmentally friendly biomass boilers.  The raw timber is first put through a chipper, dried out using extremely efficient technologies and then processed into timber pellets.

Efficiency is at the centre of design for this building, with the emphasis being on processing the raw timber into pellets as quickly and energy efficiently as possible. A mixture of concrete and steel structure was chosen for use within the building. Steel is the main structure but concrete is used in locations such as the weighbridge and wood chip store where the structure is exposed to vehicles.