Donna McDarby

Finance Director

Following over twenty five years in high street banking, Donna McDarby co-founded Gradon Architecture in 2009 with husband and co-director Graham. As Finance Director, Donna ensures our finances are in order, pays our bills promptly, and manages payroll and HR matters. She is the pragmatic decision maker in the directorship and in short, keeps our creative people in check. Whilst we love what we do, we are a business and we need to make sensible commercial decisions, from buying the most efficient energy for our studio, sourcing the most cost effective stationery which in turn keep our overheads low and in turn offer our clients value for money whilst keeping the lights on at the same time.

Donna McDarby prides herself in being a busy working mum of three, often working behind the scenes but in a flexible manner which enables a good work-life balance which is integral to our business ethos and approach. Purely from a business standpoint Donna loves to see our team exceeding our company objectives as a result of months of hard graft by the team underpinned by considered financial management and as reward, organising our full team annual study trips to locations such as Venice, Prague, Krakow and Palma, to experience excellent architecture complimented with great food and drink.

On a personal level, having played a key role in its inception, she loves our amazing Ne40 Studios space in which we work in and the dedication, openness and friendliness shown on a daily basis by each and every team member even when under extreme levels of pressure and stress.

Words to live by…

Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think! – The Specials